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About Us



About 15 years ago, a socially and environmentally conscious man named Aziz Patel was searching for an answer to today’s problem with true cellular (intra-cellular) hydration that would create a better quality of life for not only himself, but for others around the world as well. What he found was a breakthrough in science and a technology that has yet to be discovered by the majority of the planet… Liquid Conversion Technology (a.k.a. Resonating Mineral Ore Technology).

Using LCT to revitalize and restructure water back to it's nature intended state was created and perfected by a man named Vatche’ Keuftedjian. Vatche’ spent over a quarter of a Billion dollars, that’s right… a quarter of a Billion dollars, on the research and development of this technology while going into debt for over 100 Million dollars in order to cure his son's severe autoimmune disease, they found that the answer lies in strong hydrogen bonds in the water molecule which allows for true intra-cellular hydration. This technology was not created from greed or for any financial benefit, it was discovered out of the love and selflessness of caring parents for their son. From there Vatche’ went on to create a company that manufactures a number of similar applicable devices that activate and provide structured water for agriculture and a multiple of industrial and commercial applications.

With Liquid Conversion Technology (LCT), you get back to the basics and away from dead water. The way that it works can be explained in simple terms. Purified/filtered water is not in it's nature intended state and the majority of it will not hydrate the cell i.e. achieve intra-cellular hydration. That is why we all feel dehydrated even though a lot of us drink a gallon of water a day. The hydrogen bonds in the water molecule are weak and therefore water cannot penetrate the cell  to flush, detox, and hydrate. By changing the hydrogen bond information using minerals from ore, you can naturally activate the water and achieve true intra cellular hydration.

Aziz, with his knowledge of ionized, alkaline, and structured water and its pros and cons, came across scientifically proven structured water and immediately saw the benefit of spreading THIS technology to the masses and collectively living healthier lives. By providing exclusive distribution of these products, Living Springs has built a strong, close relationship between themselves and their manufacturing partner. This symbiotic relationship allows for LS to take the knowledge they've learned from expert scientists across the world and spread that precious information to the ordinary person.

The vision is large and Living Springs is working hard to bring scientifically proven (by peer review) structured water into every household and establish this water as a standard in today's society. Collectively it's possible to reverse some of the harmful effects that is a result of ignorance mixed with industrialization. There are ways to compromise and keep a balance, adopting new technologies can be progressive and in everyone's best interest if it has been designed with the right intention.